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In accordance with its mission to support and provide capacity building to civil society, the Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association “MENAHRA” has created a database that is available to any organization searching for funding for Harm Reduction services in the MENA region.  Read more




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P.O. Box 100, WS2A-55 Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, NJ 08889, USA
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International grants are provided to organizations headquartered and/or incorporated outside of the United States for activities occurring outside of the United States. These grants support independent activities that seek to improve patient care in specific disease categories (https://www.mercksupport.com/(S(odisyxnx24y5hbb2xfxvys55))/Portal/International.aspx).Please complete the pre-screening Request for Application to help Merck assess your eligibility to apply for support at this time. If your Request for Application is accepted, you will be sent an electronic Grant Application.the application form is available on the website: REQUEST FOR APPLICATION (RFA) HTTPS://MERCKNATIONALGRANTS.TELERX.NET/RFA/INTERNATIONAL.ASPX
Through innovative research, groundbreaking partnerships and smarter processes, we are focusing on four areas of priority: Access to Health, Environmental Sustainability, Employees, and Ethics & Transparency. With a focus on these priority areas across our entire organization, we are committed to leading the future of healthcare.
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