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In accordance with its mission to support and provide capacity building to civil society, the Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association “MENAHRA” has created a database that is available to any organization searching for funding for Harm Reduction services in the MENA region.  Read more




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Abbott and Abbott Fund

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-, Illinois, , USA
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Criteria of Submission
Abbott Fund is not currently accepting unsolicited grant applications.However, at certain times we do accept unsolicited applications for grants relating to community health and well-being, science education and community outreach. Future opportunities will be posted on this website.
Abbott and Abbott Fund
We invest in ideas that promote science, expand access to health care and strengthen communities worldwide – from training midwives in Afghanistan to addressing nutritional needs of children in Haiti. By partnering with others, we develop and foster a wide range of programs that make a lasting difference in the lives of people and strengthen communities all over the world.
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