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In accordance with its mission to support and provide capacity building to civil society, the Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association “MENAHRA” has created a database that is available to any organization searching for funding for Harm Reduction services in the MENA region.  Read more





The Drosos Foundation is committed to enabling disadvantaged people to live a life of dignity

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Obstgartenstrasse 19, Zurich, Switzerland, CH-8006
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+41 43 300 54 00
+41 43 300 54 01
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Criteria of Submission

Applications must comply with the thematic" target="_blank">http://www.drosos.org/en/node/77">thematic and geographic" target="_blank">http://www.drosos.org/en/node/307">geographic priorities of the Foundation. Assistance to individuals or in cases of emergency will not be provided.

Project ideas can be put forward at anytime. Applications are to be sent by email to the following address: info@drosos.org.

Applications should be concise and must include the following:

Title page:

  • Project name

  • Country/region

  • Implementing organisation (partner organisation)

  • Organisation’s address

  • Target group: Who are the beneficiaries, and what’s their number

  • Project duration

  • Project budget

  • Short project summary, including project context

  • Goals, planned activities

  • Target groups

  • Short description of partner organisation

  • Project budget

  • Sustainability: How is it ensured that the project outlasts Drosos’ involvement?