Welcome to Menahra Donors Database

In accordance with its mission to support and provide capacity building to civil society, the Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association “MENAHRA” has created a database that is available to any organization searching for funding for Harm Reduction services in the MENA region.  Read more




About us

Harm Reduction (HR) Donors Directory is an online initiative that was launched by the Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association (MENAHRA) in 2014 with the support of Drosos foundation and the World Health Organization (WHO). This directory aims at the sustainability of NGOs working on harm reduction, by increasing their access to information and resources from donors who are working in the field of HR. 

The field of harm reduction among key populations faces major challenges in scarcity of funding, in addition to the decreased opportunities of NGOs in the region.  One of these challenges, in general is attracting resources for their projects, which is due to multiple reasons: the high influx of applicants, time constraints, lack of budget to raise funds, priority given to running programs and not raising funds, the overall concept of harm reduction, the MENA region, etc... .

For these reasons, and in order to increase the number of projects on harm reduction through the creation of new programs and the scale up of existing ones, MENAHRA, as a regional NGO that has links at the global level of networks, developed the idea for this database, in order to help MENA associations to be updated on the latest data available regarding donors and funds relevant to Harm Reduction.